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Our three year old program centers around the child, his role in the family, and the role of the family in the community.

Self awareness is fostered through lessons including the wonderful worth of the individual, the unique qualities of each individual, and physical features of each individual child.

Children's literature is used to convey many of the intellectual concepts that are introduced.  Sensory, art, and play activities are important components of the program that are used to stimulate the child's creative and intellectual talents.  Other skills such as name recognition, shape and color recognition, and rote counting are always worked into the curriculum.

Oral language, communication, and social skills are important aspects that are encompassed in our daily schedule.  Another aspect that is an integral part of our curriculum is the motor skills area, including fine and gross motors,  Activities to increase the child's abilities in these areas are linked into the daily routine.



"ME" - All about the child, body parts/facial features/senses, relations in the family, size relations in the family, Holidays, Seasons, transportation, nursery rhymes.


Colors and shapes, name recognition, tracing dotted name - writing name, cutting and counting.


Sharing, taking turns, listening/communications and manners