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The four year old curriculum is designed to involve and facilitate the growth of the total child.

The child will develop socially through informal as well as formal play experiences with his/her peers.  Through the many types of play children will be exposed to varied experiences that will continually and consistently enhance their language and communication skills.

Physical growth and gross motor will be stimulated by activities that are incorporated throughout the daily routine.  Activities include, but are not limited to, outdoor play and the use of the gross motor room.  The enhancement of the small motor skills is an integral part of the daily curriculum.  This is fostered through our intellectual and art activities.

Children's literature is a tool that is highly used to expand the cognitive development of the child.  The many concepts introduced through literature are pre-reading skills, social studies, science and pre-math skills.



Literacy-letter/initial sound/name, writing letters, writing first and last name, recognition of numerals 1-20, counting of numerals 1-20, counting to at least 50, simple graphing, simple patterning ABAB, correspondence counting of objects, personal information -- birth date, address, phone number.


Colors and shapes, cutting, and tracing.


sharing, cooperation, taking turns, listening, following directions, memorization and communication skills.