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Kindergarten is designed to encourage all children and to develop a positive selfimage.  Our environment provides manipulative materials, learning centers and a variety of experiences which will enable and broaden the child's skills.  Kindergarten is a warm and positive introduction to future education.

Language arts encompasses the areas of Reading, Writing, Listening/Visual Literacy, and Oral Communication.  Children's literature is used to convey the importance of reading, comprehension, and critical thinking.  Reading readiness and beginning reading experiences include a print rich environment, phonics, sight words, extensive language activities, and daily journal writing.  Math and science will be introduced through the use of concrete manipulative materials and experimental activities.  Music, art, and gross/fine motor skills will be an integral part of the kindergarten curriculum that will be applied daily.


Language Arts; reading, identify consonants by name and sound, identify vowels by name and soundreads left to right/top to bottom, experiences many authors and litersture, retells story in correct sequence, predicts what will happen next.

Writing; writes first and last name correctly, knowledge of letter formation and letter sound correspondence, dictates sentences for adult to write, writes on own to express own ideas, understands concept of letters/words/sentences.

Listening/Visual Literacy; listens to story attentively for pleasure and to evaluate information, gathers information from pictures and print, follows simple directions.

Math; patterns, relations, functions, recognizes and continues patterns, sorts objects with like attributes.

Problem Solving; uses objects to find solutions, uses patterns to find solutions

Numbers and Relations; relates numbers to numerals, compares sets to objects/more/less, correspond and rote counts.

Geometry; recognizes and names shapes, recognizes and names solids.

Measurement; length/weight/capacity, time, money