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The two year old child continues to be in the developmental stage of egocentricity.  Our program, for the very young child, centers around the child’s own being.  Much intellectual growth and many first experiences are happening at this time.  They are introduced into a new and different environment that is removed from the parent’s home.

Play is an inherent activity in the daily lives of this age child.  Providing time for sensory motor activities in the gross motor area and also in the classroom, contribute to the over all developmental skills of the child.  Time for make-believe play is allotted throughout the day accommodating the need for language and vocabulary development.  Organized and unorganized play, group, and individual times are used throughout the program to enhance the child’s learning.

This curriculum also allows our staff the ability to nurture the child, and attend to his/her need to be tenderly cared for.  Through these learning experiences the child will gain a sense of security and good feeling toward the learning environment.