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The Pre-kindergarten program focuses on the child’s total readiness for school age kindergarten.  This program is geared for the child that is not quite ready for kindergarten but is ready for a more structured preschool environment.

This accelerated program focuses on the development of the child with his or her own developmental level in mind.  Throughout the curriculum, children will be able to refine skills that they have already learned, but not mastered.  Through many types of play and instruction, children will be exposed to varied experiences that will continually and consistently enhance their language and communication skills. Children’s literature is a tool that is highly used to expand the cognitive development of the child.  The school systems today encompass a total reading program and children need to be prepared before they ever get to school.  We are here to develop the skills that children need to succeed in the future.  The many concepts introduced through literature are pre-reading skills, components of literature, awareness of print, sentence dictation, writing skills, social studies, science, math skills, and comprehension.

Overview of Curriculum

Literacy skills

-upper and lower case letters

-initial, mid, and end components of words

-follows oral directions

-recalls main idea

-recalls characters

-events in stories

Writing skills

-first and last name

-upper and lower case letters

-stringing letters together

-initial sounds

Math Skills

-identifies numerals 1-50 (in and out of sequence)

-rote count 1-5






Personal Data

-full name

-birthdate and age


-phone number

Social Development

-positive attitude

-shares with peers

-follows directions

-follows class rules

-acts responsibly with materials

-acts responsibly in difficult situations

-speaks clearly to adults and peers

participates at own level


Small motor


-holds pencil correctly and controlled

-traces inside and outside of templates


Large Motor

-hops on one foot


-alternates feet when climbing or descending steps